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Print from wood engraving by A.C.Cooke, artist and W.J.Ellis architect. Published in The illustrated Australian news for home readers. Ebenezer and David Syme, April 20, 1874.
State Library of Victoria. http://handle.slv.vic.gov.au/10381/250771

1905 Fitzroy Club Hotel

The Fitzroy Club Hotel was at 382 Brunswick Street, east side just north of Rose Street. Today the building is occupied by Sheila Vintage Clothing.

After its name change from the Eglinton Hotel in 1891, early licensees were Francis Bennett (1893), Sarah Keyson (1894), Susan Stevens (1895), Theresa Dwyer (1897), Nellie Allen (1898), Ada Quinlist (1899), Mary Ann Noel (1900), Margaret Hancock (1901), Mrs S Mackay (1904), Charles Joyce (1905-08). It was delicensed and the building sold in 1916.

The Evelyn Observer (Whittlesea) reported on the annual sports day in Feb 1905:
A social was held in the local hall at night. Mr Francis, of Fitzroy, presided at the piano, and Mr P. Glennon made an efficient M C. Mr C Joyce, of the Fitzroy Club Hotel, Brunswick.street, lent most valuable aid, his songs “The man that struck the gold mine in Coolgardie” and “The Golden Wedding” being loudly applauded.                                             M.M.

Description: 1905 Image held by Fitzroy Library. Charlie Joyce, Proprietor. Taken from the Collingwood and Fitzroy illustrated Directory and Handbook, 1905.
Subject: hotels & taverns

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