The photographs of Alan K Jordan

Alan K Jordan created a fascinating social history through his photos. The collection is at the State Library of Victoria. Below is an excerpt from the SLV website. To see the full article click on the link to the right.

Alan Jordan was a social worker, photographer and policymaker who influenced Australia's first-ever federal legislation addressing homelessness.

Through the 1960s, Alan conducted over 400 interviews with homeless persons around the inner-North of Melbourne, compiling his research into a thesis that would later become the book Going Bad: Homeless Men in an Australian City. Alongside his research and social work at the Hanover Centre (now Launch Housing) in Fitzroy, Alan began documenting his clients and their surroundings through photography. Alan’s daughter Caroline donated his collection of photographs to the State Library in 2010.

Watch the video below to learn more about Alan and his collection of photographs.

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