Other Publications

The following publications produced by various members of the Society over a period of time are available from the Local History Collection at the Fitzroy Branch of Yarra Libraries, 128 Moor Street Fitzroy.


  • MacRobertson, The Chocolate King,
    Jill Robertson,
    Lothian Books, 2004
  • Gertrude Street,
    Jill Robertson
    Fitzroy History Society Inc., 2008
  • Reflections of Fitzroy,
    School of Historical Studies,
    The University of Melbourne,
    2008 Fitzrovians
  • Newtown Paper No. 1 Fitzroy: A Descriptive Bibliography 
    E.W.E. Cutten Trust 1989 by Carole Woods
  • Newtown Paper No. 2 The Fitzroy Public Library 1877-1997, 
    Written by Carole Woods and published by the Fitzroy History Society in 2000
  • Newtown Paper No. 3 The History of Fitzroy Town Hall, 
    The Heart and Soul of Fitzroy,
    Michael O’Brien, 2007

Travelling to Fitzroy in 1841: The Journey of Sarah Bunbury.
Produced to accompany a guided walk during the National Trust Heritage Festival in April, 2014, the 16 page booklet tells the story of Sarah Bunbury’s journey from England to Fitzroy in 1841, using her unpublished letters and the journal of Georgiana McCrae.

Missionaries, Radicals, Feminists is the story of North Yarra Community Health. Established by John Singleton in 1869 in gold rush Melbourne and based on British models, the Collingwood Free Medical Mission Dispensary was among the first of its kind in Australia. Singleton’s was the first place in Australia to employ women doctors and was associated with many other reforms in health care, especially after it evolved into Collingwood Community Health Centre in the 1970s. These included campaigns around lead in petrol, cigarette advertising, free needle exchanges, welfare rights, and work injuries. Later amalgamations with Carlton and Fitzroy Community Health Centres created today’s North Yarra Community Health.
The book is available for $20 from North Yarra Community Health, 75 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy.