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Other publications

The following publications produced by various members of the Society over a period of time are available from the Local History Collection at the Fitzroy Branch of Yarra Libraries, 128 Moor Street, Fitzroy.

  • MacRobertson, The Chocolate King
    Jill Robertson,
    Lothian Books, 2004
  • Gertrude Street
    Jill Robertson
    Fitzroy History Society Inc., 2008
  • Reflections of Fitzroy
    School of Historical Studies,
    The University of Melbourne,
    2008 Fitzrovians
  • Newtown Paper No. 1 Fitzroy: A Descriptive Bibliography 
    E.W.E. Cutten Trust 1989 by Carole Woods
  • Newtown Paper No. 2 The Fitzroy Public Library 1877-1997
    Written by Carole Woods and published by the Fitzroy History Society in 2000
  • Newtown Paper No. 3 The History of Fitzroy Town Hall
    The Heart and Soul of Fitzroy,
    Michael O’Brien, 2007