Download the Transcript: FHS-Sam-Marasco-2016

Sam Marasco came to Fitzroy as an 18-month old from Calabria in the mid-1950s and has lived here ever since. He talks about his childhood, games they played, the street life and selling papers from the age of 6 or 7 and collecting beer bottles for money.

He was heavily involved with the local community and the football clubs and reminisces about his school days, the formation of the multi-ethnic Fitzroy Stars football club – which integrated migrant and indigenous players and later became a well-known fully indigenous team. He talks about the days when Fitzroy still played at the Brunswick Street oval, about the changing street-scapes and gentrification and about the origins of the thriving Arts and music community in the 70s and the interesting personalities who grew up in the area and later became well known in the Arts.

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