The Beswsick Building: A Landmark on Brunswick Street

The Beswsick Building, located at 236-252 Brunswick Street in Fitzroy, Melbourne, boasts a rich history dating back to the late 19th century. Here's a glimpse into its past:

Construction and Design (1888)

  • Built in 1888 by prominent builder Ralph Besant.
  • Designed by architect John Beswick, a respected figure who created numerous town halls, churches, and commercial buildings across Melbourne.
  • Commissioned by the Australian Proprietors & Investors Company Ltd.

Architectural Significance

  • The building exemplifies the “boom period” architectural style, characterised by the use of polychrome brickwork (colourful bricks arranged in patterns).
  • Represents a well-preserved example of this style, significant on both a local and state level.
  • Recognised as a prominent work of John Beswick and a vital element of the Brunswick Street streetscape.

Landmark Status

  • The South Fitzroy Conservation Study (1979) acknowledges the Bewsick Building's importance, highlighting its contribution to the area's skyline when viewed from Carlton.

Current Status

Information about the Bewsick Building's current use or tenants is not readily available from my search. However, its historical significance and architectural merit ensure its continued presence as a landmark on Brunswick Street, Fitzroy.

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