Self Directed Walking

Fitzroy Railway Walk
This is a walk along the section of the Inner Circle Line that passed through North Fitzroy.

Social Justice History Walk 2014
This 90 minute walk guides you through some of the sites where the first attempts at social justice took place in the poorer parts of Fitzroy and in Melbourne.

A social justice walk around Fitzroy
Brian Stagoll and Pauline Spencer
Published by Fitzroy History Society, 1999

ALP Social Justice Walk
Brian Stagoll (Editor), 2014

Living in Fitzroy
June Senyard and Chris Friday
Published by Fitzroy History Society

Fitzroy’s Founding Footsteps- download and print

These four walking tours were developed by members of the Fitzroy History Society to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the Municipality of Fitzroy. They incorporate historic houses, hotels and other sites of significance, especially as they relate to the early years of Fitzroy’s self governance. This pamphlet showing 4 walks was produced with the generous assistance of the City of Yarra.

Fitzroy Heritage Walk

Fitzroy Aboriginal Heritage Walking Trail

Snapshots of Aboriginal Fitzroy

North Fitzroy Heritage Walks – Download and print

Three walking tours developed by members of the Fitzroy History Society to celebrate the150th anniversary of the incorporation of the North Fitzroy area into the municipality of Fitzroy.

Gertrude Street Walk
Conducted by Professor Miles Lewis on 27 & 28 April, 2013

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Other walks in the local vicinity will be added as they become available