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In 1985, the Fitzroy Historic
Photographic Committee was
formed to make a collection of
photographs relevant to the life of
the suburb.

These formed the basis of "Fitzroy
Lost and Found - a History in
Photographs", an exhibition held
in the Fitzroy Town Hall in April
1986. Since then, the collection
has been added to and is an
important resource for the

This kit makes use of some of the
photographs so as to inform
students about the environment in
which they live, both in the past
and the present.

It provides a range of approaches
to learning about the suburb ane
may be selected as required, used
as a set, or in conjunction with the
video, "Living in Fitzroy - An Oral

Produced by

June Senyard and Chris Friday

Published by

Fitzroy History Society

(Fitzroy Historic Photographic Committee)

with Financial Assistance from

The Ministry of Conservation, Forests and Lands

and supported by

Western Metropolitan Region, Ministry of Education